A new born puppies of a dog can not regulate their body temperature instead the temperature is regulated by the worm body of the mother and the littermates. The normal temperature of a new born puppy varies from 94 F to 97 F. A Temperature Higher than 94 F and lower than 92 F is indication of health problem. At the age of two to three weeks a puppy temperature varies from 97 F to 100 F. At the age of fourth week temperature range varies from 99.5 F to 102.5 F that will be the normal body temperature of the adult dog.

Low Body Temperature In Puppies

Hypothermia is a condition in which body temperature is lower than the normal temperature. New born puppies should kept in a temperature range of 85 to 90 Ffor first few days, 80 F until its age become 10 days and 72 F after 25 days.

A sudden injury can cause shock  which leads to hypothermia. Hit by vehicle, a fall from any height or any bite wound can cause shock. When puppy exposed to extreme cold it also cause lower in body temperature. Hypothermia can cause death if the puppy is not protected from the prolonged cold environment. If your puppy have a low body temperature then rewarm your puppy slowly within an hour.

Fever In Puppies

Any temperature higher than normal is referred to as temperature. When normal defense mechanism of body fight the infection it causes fever because higher temperature helps defense mechanism to fight viruses and bacteria.

Hyperthermia may be due to over heating due to exercise or exposure to higher temperature. Puppies suffering from heat stroke may also have abnormally elevated temperature. You need a veterinarian care if your puppy have temperature of 104 For higher than that. A temperature of 106 F or higher can cause damage to internal organs. Don’t medicate your dog with human fever reducing medicine until recommended by your veterinarian.

How to Take Your Puupy’s Temperature

You should have a rectal thermometer for the good reading. Checking of nose is an old myth and the temperature of ear is unreliable in case of dogs.

  • To take the temperature of your puppy use a rectal thermometer either digital or bulb. Some puppies mind the procedure but if it protest do your job gently.
  • If you use a bulb thermometer shake it well until it reads 96F. A digital thermometer only be switched on.
  • Lubricate the tip of thermometer by baby oil, petroleum jelly or any mineral oil.
  • A puppy should remain still for atleast one minute at comfortable standing position or reclining position.
  • Expose the anus by firmly grasping and lifting the tail of the dog with one hand. With the help of other hand gently exert the half to one inch of lubricated end of the thermometer into rectum.
  • Calmly speak to the puppy and give him a chew toy or any other treat so that the thermometer remains in place for a specific time and then remove it and wipe it and read the temperature.
  • Wipe and clean the thermometer after each reading with alcohol or any other comparable disinfectant.

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