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Are Onions and Garlic Bad for Your Dog

Onions and Garlic may be the special ingredients of your staples food but you have to take away your dog from licking the broth containing onions and garlic. Humans love flavors of onions and garlic to make their food spicy but these can cause serious health problems to your pets or in severe cases death of your pet.

Why are the onions and Garlic bad for Dogs?

Any member of the family Allium (onion and garlic) is the most common reported cause of toxicity. They contain an ingredient called N-Propyl disulfide. This compound cause damage to the hemoglobin the oxygen-carrying substance present in the Red Blood Cells.

This damage causes the rupture of red cells and then they are cleared from circulation earlier than normal. This lysis of red cells results in anemia and red or brown urine. In severe conditions, there may be damage to internal organs, organ failure, or even death.

How Much quantity of Garlic or onion cause Toxicity to Dogs?

Consumption of 15 to 30g/Kg of onions and garlic can cause clinical hemolytic changes. Raw, cooked, or powdered all forms are toxic to the dogs. If a small amount of onion or garlic is ingested for a long period of time it can cause anemia in dogs.

Signs of Onion and Garlic Toxicity in Dogs

If onions or garlic are consumed in a large amount the then clinical signs appear 24 hours after consumption. The signs are as follows
Pale gums
Ataxia ( lack of coordination)
Ted or brown urine
Increased heart and respiration rate
Vomiting and Diarrhea

What Steps you should follw do if your pet Eats Onion or Garlic:

Contact any nearest emergency clinic or your veterinarian if your dog ingested a large quantity of garlic or onion. The complete diagnosis is made by the complete history of the pet and microscopic examination of the type of anemia. In his toxicity, the anemia is usually hemolytic type.
Treat the animal immediately and follow the principles of decontaminations.

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